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Dominik Bauer and Jen Bricker-Bauer performing in Omnium, a circus of inclusion that will be shown multiple times weekly on a customized streaming platform through April 4.Credit...Circus Omnium

A Circus for All and by All

Circuses often advertise using adjectives like “astonishing” and “amazing.” Now one has arrived that seems genuinely extraordinary, though not in daring acts.

Omnium, a nonprofit circus, aims to be as inclusive as possible. Streaming on a customized platform through April 4, its virtual version offers options including American Sign Language interpretation, audio description, captioning and plain-language interpretation (narration for those with cognitive impairments). Omnium also has artists of varying abilities, including a deaf clown, a juggler with autism and a hand balancer who has a condition that affects joint mobility in his lower extremities. Their graceful performance underscores the message that disabilities don’t have to be limiting.

LAUREL GRAEBER, NY Times January 22, 2021,