The Yalon Method

Real-time Plain Language Interpretation

“The Yalon Method provides a cognitive ramp enabling people with cognitive disabilities equal and full participation in services and activities that are inaccessible to them.”

The Yalon Method of "Real-time Plain Language Interpretation" was developed by Prof. Shira Yalon-Chamovitz as a means of increasing cognitive accessibility. The Yalon Method accomplishes for people with cognitive disabilities what audio description does for the blind - opening up a world of entertainment, experience and news which would otherwise be lost.

The Yalon Method was first implemented globally during the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, providing cognitive accessibility to the broadcast of the Eurovision through a digital video live stream, which involved translating what was said in real time into plain language. Subsequently, it has been used to in providing accessible news and cultural broadcasts, including the the Disability Unite Festival, Omnium Circus, and KAN Israeli News.

The Yalon Method of Simultaneous Plain Language Interpretation opens new areas of discovery. Working together with the disability community, researchers will create increased participation for people with disabilities in society.